Introducing Modern Mailbox: Your Package, Safe

As people continue to shop and ship online, the incidents of porch piracy have grown across America. Viral video practical jokes against package thieves may be entertaining, but they don’t stop the problem from the start. A package left in the open is a package left unsecure. Modern Mailbox from DropBy Office takes care of this by accepting your package and notifying you when it is ready for pickup! We have monthly and annual plans to get started.

The Modern Mailbox next to the privacy booth


  • Keep your deliveries safe from theft!
  • Keep your home address private!
  • Have your own office address!
  • Receive payments without a PO Box
  • Receive Portal package management
  • All carriers accepted!
  • Access to Order Fulfillment Services

So keep your packages SAFE! And join us here at DropBy Office to stop porch pirates at the source!

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