From documents and brochures to large format banners and blueprints, DropBy Office is ready to print your project! We understand the need to get as much done in one place as possible and our in house print shop can help fill that need for you and your business.

But we Do More than just print.

Scanning and Copying

Be it your documents or your pictures, we will be happy to scan or copy your materials for you!* You can keep digital versions of printed and signed documents, family photos, or have extras in case you need them.


Privacy is important, and nothing says privacy like shredding important documents to prevent sensitive information leaks and identity theft!

Fax Services

There are some organizations who will only receive official paperwork and communication through Fax, and who are we to deny them? To make sure that your needs are met when contacting them, we have Fax capabilities at the ready.

*Scanning and/or copying copyrighted works is governed by the provisions of the Copyright Act.

A photo of the printing area of DropBy Office

Pricing Guide

ServiceRegular PriceIncluded with DropBy PassIncluded with CoWork Pass
Printing/Copies (B/W)$0.251020
Printing/Copies (Color)$1.45510
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