A desk at DropBy Office with a rentable Mac Mini

We’ve all had it happen. A computer gets so old or bogged down that it just stops responding. You accidentally erase something. Or worse, a hard drive crashes. What do you do now? Those are files you don’t want to lose, but you can’t get to them any more!

DropBy Office has partnered with AlphaCloud Systems, whose engineers have over 20 years of experience recovering data from equipment and user failures in all kinds of environments – from the casual home user to Fortune-500 businesses.

If you’ve lost data, files, or pictures on an old hard drive, flash drive, phone or tablet and would like someone’s help retrieving them who isn’t going to judge, contact us! “DropBy” at 68718 E Palm Canyon Dr, Suite 301, or send us an email at [email protected] for a free estimate.

We will recover your files, provide them to you on new media or via the cloud, and optionally securely destroy the crashed drive for you.

DropBy Office and AlphaCloud Systems are both proudly Gay-owned and operated.

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